Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Downtime Expected (updated IRC Details)

some point within the next 24 hours, the OTK server will be down for up to 24 hours to allow us to perform a hard drive upgrade on the server. This upgrade will require a full reinstall of the operating system so downtime will be total and server-wide. One of the drives in the machine has a potential problem and we are opting to replace it now to prevent future dataloss. Some minor data loss may occur but it should not be more than a few hours.


(This accouncement affects: AnimeOTK, ODanime, FurryAI, YaoiAI, and DiaperedAnime)

On a further note the chatroom will be unaffected by our downtime issues so l am posting information for users who want to keep in touch with the staff and keep up to date on whats happening.

How to Install Mirc and Connect to our Chatroom
Step 1: Download mIRC
Go to and click "Download mIRC". Then click "download now". A 1.67mb file called mirc635.exe should begin downloading. Save this somewhere on your PC you can find it easily.

Step 2: Install mIRC
Having downloaded mirc635.exe you shuold now run it. Click Next or I agree until you reach the "Choose Components page" Untick "Servers List" (See image 1) and click "next" again

Step 3: Run and setup mIRC
Having installed mIRC, go to your start menu and choose to run it. When you run it you'll get a popup saying it's an evaluation version and you must register it within 30 days. Ignore this - even after the 30 days it just continues to nag you on startup but otherwise works perfectly. Just click "continue" (See Image 2).
The options menu will pop up, if it doesn't then click "tools" then "options" (see image 3).
On this options menu, make sure "connect" in the left hand menu is selected, then enter your details - see image 4 for more information.
Once that is finished select "servers" in the left hand menu, next click "Add" (see image 5) Enter the information in image 6. Server: and Port: 6667 are the critical ones. Make sure you leave password blank! Now click "Add".
Make sure the server you just added is highlighted and click "Select". Next click "OK" to close the options menu

Step 4: Connecting
In the top left you'll see a lightning bolt icon - click this to connect. (See image 7).
After connecting you'll probably get a window pop up called "mIRC Favorites". Simply close this - 99% of these channels won't exist on our network.
Now, in the only bar you can enter text type "/join #animeotk" to join our main chatroom. (see image 8)

Image 1

Image 2
Image 3

Image 4
Image 5

Image 6 (Note: IRC Server has changed location please use the following without quotes "" or "" instead of
Image 7
Image 8

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