Friday, 24 September 2010

Server move

Within the next few days I hope to move AnimeOTK and its sister sites to a new server. The new server has a slightly upgraded specification from our current setup and should hopefully allow us to continue to grow without problems.

Prior to the move, the forums will be closed to new posts and the gallery/fiction area closed to new submissions. The transfer should take a few hours, but you may experience downtime of up to 48 hours while the DNS updates (In my experience this is usually no more than 30 minutes though). Throughout the move the irc server will be up and running, however that will be moving to our new server once the sites are fully transferred.

As a user you don't need to do anything different, there will be a welcome message in this section of the forum on the new server so you know when you are accessing it.


  1. What has happened to the spanking art wiki?

  2. some issues after the upgrade, should be resolved now.