Thursday, 27 January 2011

Setting up your IRC Client.

Many thanks to Xero for the helpful tutorial.

Note: The example used here is based with mIRC 6.34

Alright, so let's hit it up. First off, if you haven't already, go and download mIRC from the main website. (
The latest version, I believe is somewhere in the 7.1s.
You may also try here for an earlier version.
Note: mIRC is not initially a free program. After 30 days, the trial ends, but it should still be usable as long as you don't mind waiting roughly fourty-five seconds for a window to bugger off to let you connect everytime you bring the program up.

Once you have downloaded and installed mIRC, you will need to go into the mIRC Options dialog. This can be found in Tools -> Options. It may also pop up on first-start.
It should look like something like this:

Click Servers, and then click Add.
(An alternative way of getting into the Servers window is to go to File -> Select servers)
This next window should look like this:

Fill in the information as following:

Description: AnimeAi
IRC Server: (If this doesn't work, try
Ports: 6667
Group: AnimeAi
Password: (This field is optional. It goes into the balance of nickname registration with the Network Services NickServ.

After that, you should be set to connect; But wait! We're not done yet.
When you're done, hit Add. Then move down to Options in the mIRC Options Dialog, and hit the Perform... button.

 Make sure the Enable perform on connect is checked to work.
After that, hit Add and select AnimeAi from the Server list that comes up.
When you've added that, select the drop-down list and change All Networks to AnimeAi.
Then in the box, type this:

/join #AnimeOTK
 This will enable you to join the main channel automatically everytime you connect to the network.

Okay, let's continue. Hit OK and return to the Options dialog. Select Connect (As shown in the first figure.)

Now, the top two input boxes can be entirely up to you. You do not have to use your real name, but you do have to use a name. You do not have to use your real email, either. (As I haven't. is not a real email address -- Please do not look for Emailed support there.)

However, the Nickname and Alternative boxes are important. Your nick is the name you will use on the IRC Server. If your first choice of nickname is already taken, then you will use the Alternative nickname that you've selected. When you're ready, hit Connect, and you should connect just fine.

Here's a few links you should check out:
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